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10/23/2016 @ 06:51 PM
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Gun and Miscellaneous Auction

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Gun and Miscellaneous Auction
Saturday October 22, 2016 @ 10:00 A.M.
Location: Guthrie County Community Building Hwy 44 in Guthrie Center, IA


Marlin 45-70 rifle "The American Bald Eagle" A tribute Freedom, 1 of 10 State of Iowa
(2) Marlin 39AWL rifles, 22 cal., "Wild Life for Tomorrow" Marlin, 39 Article II rifle, 22 cal S-L-LR w/"Rightto Bear Arm 1871-1971" octagon barrel Marlin 39 rifle, 22 cal. S-L-LR, octagon barrel "100 yr. Century LTD 1870-1970" Marlin 39 TDS rifle, 22 cal. S-L-LR Marlin 39A Original Golden rifle, 22 cal. S-L-LR
Marlin 1894S rifle, 44 mag or 44 special w/ Tasco scope (4x32) Marlin 1894 CS rifle, 357 or 38 special
w/ Weaver micro-trac (k4-1) Marlin 1894 CL "classic" rifle, 218 BEE w/ Tasco scope (3.9x38) Marlin Model 60 rifle, 22 cal. long only, semi-auto Marlin Papoose model 70P rifle, 22 cal. LR Winchester 94 rifle, 22 mag w/ Bushnell scope Winchester model 12 pump shot gun, 12 ga. 2 3/4" full choke Weatherby, Vangaurd 22-250 rifle w/ Leupold scope, Weatherby Vangaurd VGX 30-06 rifle w/ Weatherby scope, Remington model 24 rifle, 22 cal LR only Browning 81 BLR rifle, 22-250 w/ Bushnell High Contrast scope Stoeger model 2000 Vursan-Istanbul Turkey rifle 12 ga. 2 3/4"- 3" mag w/Advantage Timber Camo Coast to Coast Master Mag rifle, model CC660 shotgun, 410 pump, 2 1/2"-3" 26" full choke SKS Chinese rifle 7.62x39 w/ bayonet Mossberg & Sons rifle model 10, 22 cal. S-L-RL Ruger GP100 pistol, 357 mag. stainless steel Ruger Red Hawk pistol, 44 mag. stainless steel Ruger MK II target pistol, 22 cal. LR, semi-auto High Standard Double Nine pistol, 22 cal. model W-104, nickel plated w/ black grips
High Standard Double Nine pistol, 22 cal. model W-100, nickel plated w/ white grips Raven Arms MP 25 pistol, 25 cal. auto Kaha Arms 1911 A1 pistol, 45 cal. Iowa 1 of 10 Gold receiver & pearl handles in display case Daisy model 1894 & model 105B BB guns.


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54 Acres M/L Boone County At Auction

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Mon., Nov. 14th @ 5:30pm ~ Madrid, IA
1952 QL Lane, Madrid, IA

General Description:

Offering this perfect opportunity to purchase 54 acres m/l in rural Boone County located northwest of Madrid. This property has been used as a campground for the Iowa State Assembly of The Church of God. This property includes a dining hall, dormitory, resident house, garage, Mansard roof building, rental cabin, steel frame tabernacle, bath/shower house, 6 A-frame cabins, 1 A-frame house, concession stand, 2 small houses & a softball field. Also located on site is a beautiful pond which is approximately 5 acres. There is also approximately 10-15 acres of tillable ground. This property has been uninhabited for 5 years. All buildings will need work or can be cleared to bring back to the lands original state. This is your chance to purchase a beautiful piece of property in a great location!! Net Taxes: To Be Determined. Average CSR: 61.5

Terms: Cash, 10% down payment day of auction w/ balance due at closing on or about December 14, 2016. Possession at closing.

For questions or viewings please call Mike Bobst: Work: 515-833-2303 Cell: 515-468-7674


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Firearm & Military Auction

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Kramer's Fall Military & Firearms Auction!
Saturday October 15th @ 9AM
Auction Preview: Friday Oct. 14th 2-7 PM
Kramer Auction Gallery 203 E. Blackhawk Ave. Prairie du Chien, WI

Featuring the Lifetime German Military collection of Bill Ludwig. Military Firearms, Blades, Holsters, Awards & so much more. Plus a HUGE selection (600+ Guns) of quality Collectible & Modern Arms.

Full Online Bidding Catalog


Highlights: Rare & Fine Colt 20ga. Perc. Revolving Shotgun, Fine Winchester 1873 Rifle 44 WCF; Great Collection of 1911-45’s - Colt 1911 Navy, Union Switch & Signal, NIB Colt 1911-A1, Springfield, Ithaca, Rem UMC, NIB 1950’s era Commercial Colt & others! 2 NIB Colt Pre-Ban Ar-15 HBAR Rifles, Finnish Lahti Anti-Tank Rifle (Converted to 50 BMG); Large Selection of WWI & WWII German GEW98 & K-98 Mauser Rifles, G-43, 33/40 Mountain Rifle, Rare Lugers to include Navy & Artillery Models, Numerous WWI & WWII Lugers including a 42 Mauser w/ police proofs, Large selection of German pistols, Many with police proofs, Walther PP, PPK, P-38’s, Sauer 38H, CZ 27’s include Carved Party leader grips & w/ Silencer Bbl; Numerous 22 Cal German Training rifles including SS & Police marked guns, Japanese Paratrooper rifle & other good Jap & Foreign Military Arms, US KRAGS, M1 Garand’s & Carbines, Winchester Hotchkiss 45-70 Carbine; Rare Savage 24J-DL Combo Gun, Several Model 63 Winchesters +1 NIB, Colt Dragoon, Rare Rem. Nylon 22 models & Colors, Factory Engraved Remington Model 11D & Marlin 1898C Shotguns, NIB Winchester 9410s & New Marlin 410ga. Lever Actions; 50 +Winchester Model 12’s include 28ga, 16ga Skeet, 12ga Trap & many other! 50+Double Barrel Shotguns – Fine 28 ga. SIACE 350GL, English Tolley, LC Smith’s; Parker’s; AH Foxes; Quality Spanish & Italian Dbls; NIB Small Gauge Remington Shotguns, Winchester, Remington, Ruger & Browning Hunting Rifles & so much more!

Kramer Auction Service LLC

(608) 326-8108 www.kramersales.com

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Doc's Product Press Release

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For Immediate Release: COS™ Pellets (Canine Orthopedic Solution) is a revolutionary formulation of micro-sized isolates (precursors) of the active ingredients: Chondroitin, Glucosamine Hydrochloride and MSM for better assimilation and absorption. These small micro-sized isolates are able to penetrate the cellular walls more efficiently than larger molecules, providing quicker and more effective nourishment to BONE and JOINTS. Do you want your pet to wait, or do you want a faster method of relief? There is no product with Glucosamine and Chondroitin – regardless of milligram strength – that can match the effectiveness of COS™ Pellets. COS™ Pellets address the daily nutritional requirements for the development, maintenance, and repair of BONE and JOINTS. The relationship between nutrition and supplement for the BONE and JOINTS at different stages of life is enormous. Far too many dog owners think BONE and JOINT development just naturally takes place without considering the importance of supplementation. Providing the correct nutrition in the form of a supplement at all ages is vital for a longer, healthy and pain-free life especially for performance dogs.


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ScentBlocker® spikes “Deer Under the Influence” lineup with two new flavors for Hogs and Bears!

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Cannon Falls, MN — January 2016 — ScentBlocker, a constant innovator of scent control and attractant products for hunters, announces the introduction of two additions to the Under the Influence product line: HUI and BUI – Hogs and Bear Under the Influence. The exciting DUI product that was introduced at the 2015 ATA Show has met with success both in the field and at retail, and has led to the extension of this product line.

Using new Under the Influence, with its naturally intoxicating effect, helps make big game more relaxed and complacent – and animals act like they don’t even care! The calming aspect of these products is unique, powerful and totally new to hunting!

These unprecedented and proprietary formulas have been researched and refined in the lab, and then tested in the field on wild game. They contain a unique and powerful natural root extract, which has a well-documented effect of physiologically calming and relaxing high-strung and hyper animals. ScentBlocker applies this science to the first-ever hunting product that reduces the fear and flight response of game, while calming and relaxing them. They have an almost intoxicating effect and are unlike anything previously available.

When establishing feed stations or hunting over bait, spray Under the Influence when you first set up your bait station. You may spray it on the bait itself, the surrounding foliage, or on a scent rag. Keep applying each time you bait and mist it through the air periodically during your hunt. Or spray on foliage near your stand site and in shooting lanes. Under the Influence will help to encourage prolonged visits and more frequent visits during daylight hours.

For more information call 1-507-263-2885 or visit www.ScentBlocker.com.

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Mobile Strong Press Release

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New Store ‘n Pull Truck Bed System
Being hunting enthusiasts ourselves from northwestern WI, we understand the frustration of trying to organize, secure and access all of the essential gear and equipment in the bed of your truck.
At MobileStrong, our mission is to create smarter, more durable vehicle storage solutions that fit not only people’s trucks and SUVs-but also their budgets and lifestyles.
We started out with standard storage drawers, but are now proud to offer the ultimate solution for your storage and organizational needs. The all new Store ‘n Pull Truck Bed System tackles this frustration with ease! At the base of the system sits our classic HDP Truck Box, featuring: secure drawers with keyed locks, weather resistant, d-ring tie downs and durable construction. It fits between the wheel wells at 47” wide. Optional accessories can be added to perfect your setup. The icing on the cake is the full width pull out slide on top, no more crawling into the back of your pickup truck. This steel frame bed system features: a dual latching system, plywood decking covered in all-weather Foss liner and no-drill installation with an 800 pound load capacity.
You can take it with you and easily find it when you get there.

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Tri-state Rodbuilders Workshop near CR IA 10/8/16

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Tri-State Custom Rod Builders Workshop at Wickiup Hill Outdoor Learning Center near Cedar Rapids, Iowa - Wickiup is well above water –PLEASE RSVP!
Saturday, Oct. 8, 9am-3pm

The Tri-State gathering of Rod Builders will find itself back at Wickiup Hill once again this fall. We welcome builders new and seasoned to join us to share information about fishing rod building.

There will be various instructors offering informative presentations that are still being set at this time. Possible topics are usually wide ranging and instructive, whether you are just getting started with custom fishing rod building or an old salt. Lunch will be provided and there will be a lot to learn and share. Bring some of your completed rod building projects along for show and tell.

For further details or to send an RSVP, please contact Chuck Ungs at chuck.ungs(a t)linncounty.org or by calling 319-892-6485 in order to plan ahead for food. The workshop is free – goodwill donations accepted for lunch. We could always use a few extra snacks or cookies if you wish to bring some to share.

I am actively seeking additional instructors for this workshop NOW! If you have something new that you are trying and wish to share or know of a topic you’d like to see or an instructor, you wish to suggest I’d appreciate that info soon! Thanks for your help in making this a great workshop once again!

Chuck Ungs

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Four Rivers Layout To Celebrate 20 Years

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The weather was cold and windy, the season had been a long and the tiredness was setting in on certain duck hunt in the remote Canadian pothole country. He had been hunting out of a highly functional and best of its time, all wooden Kara style layout boat. This particular day it was a duck hunters dream for hunting, but getting back to the truck seemed to be mission impossible. The winds were strong and the waves were rolling, he quickly found that getting his heavy, water logged wooden layout boat across this body of water and to his truck was much more difficult task than he had ever expected. This daunting task transitioned into the most desirable, highly sought after duck boat in the waterfowl industry.


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We are an Iowa born and raised solar company that is revolutionizing the industry by bringing affordable and reliable solar power to every business, farm, and home.

Our mission is simple:

✔ Provide a turn-key solution that makes getting solar SIMPLE ✔ Offer zero money down financing ✔ Ensure you cash flow positive from DAY ONE

That means you can get solar with NO MONEY OUT OF POCKET and use the money that solar saves you to pay for the system! PLUS, up to 80% of your solar system can be paid for with federal, state, and local incentives! Want to find out how much YOU can save? Visit: http://goiowa.solar/andsave for a free assessment! Tyler Anderson, the President and Founder of Iowa Wind and Solar, recently shared his vision with the press: "Imagine a world where, instead of paying the electric utility and taxes, you could instead save that money and invest it in an asset that YOU own. An asset that will produce free power for decades to come, and won't cost you a dime more than you're already spending today. I don't know about you, but I like that world."

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Allen's Missouri River Fishing and Hunting Lodge

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Allen's Missouri River Guide Service is the premier guide service in the upper Midwest. Our motto is action is the attraction. It is not uncommon to catch 60 to 100 plus fish per day. Our area produces limits from ice out to ice on. Our guides will take the time to make sure you have a trip of a lifetime. We guide over 600 groups in the course of a season. We have 7 full time guides on staff, with 5 more other 3/4 time guides. It is full service, all you need is license, warm clothes and food and beverage. We will take nice pictures and send one home in a frame for you. You can have a complimentary beverage or 2 while we clean and freeze your fish. Our area is not surrounded by house and lodges. WE are fishing in the outdoors on primitive waters of the Missouri River. We also have premier pheasant hunting. Guiding over 5,000 acres of prime pheasant land.


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