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12/16/2017 @ 10:14 PM

Deer/Turkey Harvest Reporting Nullified


The Iowa House and Senate late last week passed a joint resolution abolishing a state rule requiring turkey harvest reporting. The DNR plans to withdraw a companion rule for deer.

The state's new Electronic Licensing System for Iowa (ELSI) allowed the DNR to pursue a harvest reporting system that was less burdensome than those in other states. Electronic reporting would have given state wildlife biologists and supervisors accurate harvest data to better manage deer and turkey populations.

The electronic system would have replaced the random report card system, which has become increasingly unreliable due to low questionnaire return rates. Last week's ruling, however, means the DNR will shelve electronic harvest reporting and continue with the old system. Because of that, DNR officials are urging hunters to respond to the harvest report card surveys.

"Without electronic harvest reporting, it is imperative that hunters cooperate with the harvest surveys," said Terry Little, DNR wildlife supervisor. "Harvest data plays a key role in setting hunting seasons and limits. Without accurate data, our job of managing wildlife populations is substantially more difficult."

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Authored by: Anonymous on 04/14/2001 @ 03:30 AM
Let see I go out and stalk a Turkey in the stillness of the woods then rush home to electronicly register the bird, kinda spoils the mood. Guess I will go turkey hunting after all NOW. OK hurrahs for the the new electronic licences.
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