December 9th Militaria Auction

11/30/2017 @ 03:41 PM

Contributed by: patrick

Johnston Lions Club
6401 Merle Hay Road
Johnston, IA

Firearms: Beautifully engraved antique Colt SA revolvers in custom cases; Indian Wars-era 1873 Springfield Trapdoor SRC; WWII Russian Nagant pistol & Japanese Arisaka rifle; rare WWII Swift training rifle S.R. MK111 in original case (RAF). New additions!! Colt 1911 (’45) new in original box; Colt 1911 (’18) like new in box post-rebuild & other early 1911’s. Rare 41/42 German Luger; Colt Frontier Scout (in box). Rare WWII Saginaw & Rock-Ola M1 carbines. Belknap .410; Winchester Model 77 .22 LR: Western 20 ga. & more! Also, holsters & accessories inc. WWII German.

Edged Weapons, Etc: Terrific swords: WWI “Patton” Cavalry & many WWII German examples inc. Seilheimer & Eickhorn (Solingen) examples; named USN dress sword. KABAR fighting knives inc. USN MK2 & USMC. Japanese bayonet; German fighting knife. Rare WWII British bakelite grenade & more! Also: US Cartridge Co. advertising poster from the 1880’s.

Civil War; Span-Am; Indian Wars: CW veteran’s ladder badge (named), CW & Span-Am veteran’s reunion ribbons & souvenirs. Indian War U.S. Army surgeon's kepi; CW relic bullet; period tactical manuals. Other ephemera including tintypes & advertising! Plus, CSA bond w/Stonewall Jackson vignette.

Uniforms, Gear, Insignia/Medals, Flags Etc.: USAF flight jackets; Nurse’s jacket & overcoat (named); Kriegsmarine uniform. WWII German M1943 field cap; Luftschutz Air Raid helmet (with liner); WWI German helmet; US WWII flight helmet; rare Japanese WWII Navy cap. WWII Air Medal groups (one is named to B-17 pilot); additional U.S., British, German & Japanese medals inc. rare SA table medal & parade mounted groups. Patches, shirt eagles, buckles & many armbands. Note: Exceptional group of WWII German stickpins. WAVE dog tags & insignia. Terrific Japanese & German flags/banners. Field gear includes backpacks, canteens & more. Additional ephemera: passes, manuals & technical gear.

Special Mention: Posters, Art, Sake Cups & Rare Allach Porcelain! Dozens of posters including a fantastic group of WWI linen-backed USN recruiting posters from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Many additional WWI examples. WWII Free French Press “Liberty” poster & dozens of exceptional US WWII examples inc. Margie Stewart No. 12! Original art inc. WWII watercolor of SS Foreign Legion troops & more. Very rare Allach Vase & AH plate! Dozens of sake cups including many unusual examples.

Trench Art, Homefront & Ephemera: US trench art inc. fabulous lamp, decorated shells & more. Terrific German trench art dagger. Pin-up art; USO items; neat WWI aviation pillow cover; children’s items. Excellent group of US & German magazines, scrapbooks, photo albums, cigarette card albums, funeral cards, & many other great items…be sure to see complete catalog/gallery on our website!

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