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01/22/2018 @ 11:38 AM

Squirrel Season is Here


Yes, folks, the hunting season is upon us. This past weekend the squirrel season opened which, for guys like Gene Murray of Big River Outdoors, marks the start of the hunting season.

Check Gene's article in this months issue of his magazine and be sure to subscribe to the magazine.

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squirrel hunting
Authored by: Anonymous on 09/08/2001 @ 03:08 AM
have you heard of the weldon squirrel hunt? the little town of weldon, ia. has a some good \'ole boys who put on a squirrel harvest tourney, for the last 10 yrs. we\'ve grown to 250 hunters and pay back over $4,000. in prizes... its held each yr on the 1st wk end in oct. you must preregister to enter, find your own hunting spot and partner. it is run like a fishing tourney. call just about anyone in weldon, they can put you on the right track to enter.
Squirrel Season is Here
Authored by: Anonymous on 01/19/2003 @ 08:52 PM
Hi, Tony
My names gene. I,m a late comer to the iaoutdoors page. I read your squirrel lettler just now. I\'ve been hunting those little guys for a long time. The first hunting trips I ever took was with my dad after the tree rats as he always called them. Some of the best times I\'ve ever spent in the woods than and know. We always hunted them with .22\'s Dad said was the only weapon to use. Well I do think that a rifle is for me what should be used I\'ve made a change a few years ago that has put a hole new meaning to hunting the bushie tail. I know use a .32 cal. muzzal loader. I make my own maxi ball. A ball and patch just won\'t shot strait in my gun. I found a mould a a gun show ( The only one I\'ve ever seen by the way) It puts out a 103gr. ball. It sounds big for a squirrel, because it is. I have to make all my shots a head shot, but I did that with a .22 anyway. My Rifle can take a 30 to 50gr. powder load. I found in my fifle a 35gr. load work grate. I\'ll be the first to say I don\'t get as many squirrels as I use to with a scopet .22 but I have meny more times the fun geting one. Just thought I\'d dope a line. if you want to add a little more fun to the game get yourself one of these guns it\'s a blast. Oh load it to the max and your got yourself a good predator rifle to. Thanks for your time. Good hunting, like there is a day out there that can be called bad.

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