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12/16/2017 @ 10:07 PM

Join The Raccoon River Watershed Association

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RRWA Mission Statement“----The Raccoon River Watershed Association is a group of citizens dedicated to the stewardship of the Raccoon River. It seeks to preserve and enhance the river and its watershed. It will strive to improve the quality of the river and its watershed so that citizens can safely enjoy swimming, fishing, canoeing, hunting, hiking, bird watching and other outdoor recreational activities. The association will engage in education, networking, cleanup, assessment and policy making to achieve these ends.”

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Trout Heading to Lakes Across Iowa

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Iowa DNR News Release

Posted: January 4, 2011

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources will be stocking trout in urban areas across Iowa in January, beginning Jan. 8 when 1,800 trout are released in North Prairie Lake, in Cedar Falls, and 1,600 are released in Bacon Creek Lake in Sioux City.

On Jan. 15, 900 trout will be stocked in West Lake in Big Lake Park at Council Bluffs, and 1,800 in Heritage Pond, in Dubuque. On Jan. 22, 1,400 trout will be stocked in Scharnberg Pond near Spencer and on Jan. 29, 1,400 trout will be stocked in Blue Pit, in Mason City.

All stockings are based on favorable weather conditions.

Anglers who want to fish for the trout are required to pay the trout fee in addition to an Iowa fishing license. The 2010 Iowa fishing licenses and stamps expire on Jan. 10.

The daily bag limit for trout is five and the possession limit is 10.

Kids under 16 may fish without a trout fee, as long as each is supervised by a properly licensed adult who has paid the trout fee. Their combined catch, however, cannot exceed a single daily limit. Those younger anglers may also pay their own trout fee and fish for their own daily limit.


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It is that time of year again to get ready for the Iowa Sportsman Ice Outing. This years ice outing will be held on Little Emerson Bay at Camp Boji. At the info you need to attend is below. We look forward to having a great turn out. Just to give us an idea of how many people are attending we will have a sign up page under the ice fishing forum. These are great events to finally put a face to a name and create great memories. I hope that all can make it!

Dates: January 21st-23rd (Cabin reserved for Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd
Location: Camp Okoboji, 1531 Edgewood Drive, Milford, IA 51351

For room reservations call 712-337-3325 ask for Lorene
Contact details: http://www.campokoboji.org/contactus.php
Cabin: Bethal Retreat Center
Cost: $20 per night/person (credit card preferred)
Email: *camp.okoboji@1idwlcms.org*

Pot Luck: Saturday 22nd evening in Bethal Retreat Center

Camp's Website: http://www.campokoboji.org/index.php
Map of Camp: http://www.campokoboji.org/pdfs/campokobojimap.pdf
Driving Directions:

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Miami Peakock Bass

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I know it's not spelled that way but the website censored the correct spelling of the peakock bass.

As much as I love ice fishing, I also love to escape the arctic blast for awhile each winter. Last winters escape from the frozen midwest was especially exciting because we took a cruise to the eastern Carribean with our daughter and our new son in law Rob.
While cruising is a delightful way to get to several wonderful ports, I was most enthusiastic about a planned bass fishing day in Miami for Pea*censored* bass. Since Rob likes to fish and had just graduated from Drake University, I decided to treat him to a day of guided Pea*censored* Bass fishing. I had reserved the day and time through a Florida fishing website and was anticipating a very special bonding day with Rob. We both had always wanted to fish for Pea*censored* Bass so this was truely a day to look forward to.

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Snowshoe Building Course near CR

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This winter Linn County Conservation will again provide the opportunity to build a pair of snowshoes from a kit. Conservation Education Specialist Chuck Ungs will guide participants through the snowshoe building process. Ungs has built 30 plus of these kits to date and has lead more than 100 others in past classes, so is qualified to lead you through the process. Those who have taken the class in the past have been very pleased with the finished shoes and have enjoyed the class. These sets would make a unique gift, functional tools or would be a grand decoration.

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Ice Fishing Safety

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I thought this would be a good topic to reprint. This is for all of the members whether they have ice fished for years or are just getting into this winter outdoors addiction. I hope this will help us all be little safer on this years frozen addiction we call Ice Fishing.

Ice Fishing Safety
01:00PM - Wednesday December 07 2005
Contributed by: Tony
Views:: 1,684
Editor's Note: This is a re-published article we originally ran back in 2000. Given the unusually high number of ice fishing accidents already, we feel it's important everybody read this.

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Green Valley to Close During Special Hunt

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Iowa DNR News Release

Posted: November 16, 2010

CRESTON - Green Valley State Park will be closed to the general public November 20 and 21, to allow the state park to conduct its annual special deer herd population management hunt. This will be the seventh year for the hunt.

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2010 Colorado Elk Hunt

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The 2010 version of the Jim Scott and company trip to Ragged Mountain began as most do, right after the completion of the previous year's hunt. Our core group was minus a couple of standard bearers, but supplemented by some eager newcomers and returners. Jim, Dr. Mounsdon, Gene Olson, myself, and I spose we have to claim him as an Iowan, Mel Mullins were the local presence. Add three Kluss's, Willie, Mitch, and Dean for eight. Mr. Bill Johnson, Russ Stark, and Jon Stripe bring us to eleven. Add Dave Scott and his friend Evan and it leaves me only forgetting one. Oh, forgive me Ryan, Russ's son.

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Trout Coming to Cedar Rapids

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Iowa DNR News Release

Posted: November 9, 2010

Cedar Rapids area anglers will be able to try their luck, as cold water trout are stocked this weekend in Prairie Park Fishery. About 1,500 trout will be released, as the trout program's urban fisheries expands to Cedar Rapids. The release is at 11 a.m. Saturday, November 13 at the boat ramp of Prairie Park, off Otis Road SE.

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Iowa DNR Offers Introductory Deer Hunt

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IA DNR News Release

Posted: November 2, 2010

GUTHRIE CENTER - The Iowa DNR along with many sponsoring organizations has created a mentored deer hunt that has been introducing people to Iowa deer hunting since 2004.

This mentored hunt is scheduled from Nov. 19 - 21, 2010, at the Springbrook Conservation Education Center. Participants will attend educational sessions on all aspects of deer hunting including the equipment, photography, biology, management, field care, deer processing, gun handling, safety, hunting methods, shot selection/placement and regulations.

Participants will be accompanied with their mentor to hunt deer in the park.

"If participants do not feel comfortable with any aspect of deer hunting, there will be people available to assist them in a positive, supportive environment," said A Jay Winter, with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources who is coordinating the hunt.

The program is designed for adults and youth 12 years old and older. There is a $123 fee for the hunter to cover food, lodging and program costs, plus a $27 license. There are scholarships available to cover the registration fee.

Registration is required. To find out more information or to register, contact A Jay Winter at the Springbrook Conservation Education Center, 641-747-8383 ext 11 or e-mail ajay.winter@dnr.iowa.gov.


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