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01/23/2018 @ 12:08 PM

Carp Fest 2011 Gray's Lake Park

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Carp Festival Scheduled at Gray’s Lake Park, Des Moines Iowa
Saturday, May 21, 2011

CONTACT: Donald M. Tripp, Director Park and Recreation Dept. 515-202-8388

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Iowa Fishing Report

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August 6, 2009

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources issues a weekly fishing report on Thursdays in an effort to provide the latest information heading into the weekend. The weekly fishing report is compiled from information gathered from local bait shops, angler creel surveys, and county and state parks staff. For current information, contact the district fisheries office at the phone number listed at the end of each district report.

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Labrador puppies for sale

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Lab puppies for sale $100.00
Registered, shots, dewormed
712 269 6723

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Bigheads on the Move in Iowa's Rivers

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This is a story I wrote from my expiriences on Iowas interior rivers over the past decade while bowfishing. This fish sometimes referred to as the Asain carp is going to have a serious impact on the habitat of Iowas gamefish. Also the dangers of being hit by one while boating....

Here it is.

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Carp on the Fly

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This article and the photographs were contributed by Graystoke (believed to be the guy behind those Foster Grants, holding that "golden ghost" and his fly rod....or it could be Mr. Goldstoke, the carp catcher, the alter ego of Dr. Graystoke, the trout fly fisherman)

Why is it that when one thinks of a Carp, words and impressions, in the negative sense come to mind? I mean think about it. In the hierarchy of fins that swim, where do you rank the Carp? Is he revered? Do men and women brag about going Carp fishing to exotic places? Do you have, (or heck, anyone you know!) own a 3-D graphic sticker of the feisty Carp on the topper of a 4WD truck?

I think the point is taken. But the question remains; why don

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Aussies Carp: Male Only Gene

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I found this particularly interesting. Australia is looking to curb carp populations which have caused millions of dollars in damage and has hurt the populations of other game species. They plan to do all this by introducing a gene that prevents female offspring from being born. Hrm, ok, so what is their plan once the populations are back to 'normal'? See this article on Yahoo! News.

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Asian Carp Invasion

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Saw a story on the television this morning about the influx of Asian Carp in the Missisippi. They actually jump in the boat. They sound like they are a big threat to other fish species. You can look at more info in this article from The Star Tribune.

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Reward for Tagged Carp

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The DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge is offering a one hundred dollar reward for the first five tagged carp caught from DeSoto Lake during the 2002 summer fishing season.

More info from the Dunlap Reporter Website

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Courier Carp Catch

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A carp fishing tournament attracted about 200 contestants to the Cedar River in downtown Waterloo last weekend. To read about it go to Carp catch, dragon boats cap off festival. Pictures from the contest can be seen at The Waterloo/Cedar Falls Courier, which ran the event.

The contest winner caught 123 pounds of fish. Unwanted fish caught in the contest were donated to the nearby Hartman Reserve Nature Center in Cedar Falls to feed osprey chicks in the center's osprey program.

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