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12/17/2017 @ 09:54 AM

Looking For: Cast Net & Ditty Pole(s)

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If you have an old cast net and/or a couple ditty poles you're looking to clear out of your garage let me know.

Cedar Rapids Area

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Fiberglass diddy poles

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I have 17 3/8 size 7ft fiberglass diddy poles for sale 7 bucks each they are all rigged up ready to go fishing call or text 319 936 8204 located Oxford Area

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WTB Class C motorhome

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Wife and I are looking for a clean Class C motorhome 2000 or newer. Prefer Ford big block. 26-32' long. We will want a generator so at least need ability to add one. Will travel anywhere in Iowa, beyond for the right deal. A long shot but I would buy one with repairable damage thanks call three zero 9 seven 3 eight 0 five o nine.

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WTB: Pistol in 32ACP

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Looking for a Taurus Millenium Pro 132 or Kel-Tec P-32. Please let me know if you have anything or know of a dealer that has one.

PM or 515-491-9829

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Huge Blue leads to Cat Attack Championship

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By MT Cats Staff

PHOTO: First Class Champs!

Sioux City, IA 7/25/09 – Montana Cats field staff members, Brenner and Jason Flaten competed in the 6th Annual First Class Cat Attack in Sioux City, Iowa this past Saturday. The tournament was stationed out of the main boat ramp on the Missouri River in Sioux City, but tournament fisherman were allowed to fish the Missouri and any of its tributary waters as long as they could be reached by boat. All three catfish species, the Blue, Flathead, or Channel were legal targets.

The Cat Attack has truly become one of the premier catfish tournaments in the entire nation, boasting some of the finest catfish anglers from seven different states. The anglers reigned from Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, Wyoming, Missouri, Kansas, and South Dakota. It offers an impressive payout that can be hard to find when scouring the globe for great catfishing competition. The event is ran by successful catfish angler, Pat Carter, and is backed by his great sponsors, including their top-flight sponsor, the First Class Credit Union.

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For sale 1975 Dodge Open Road motor home. This was a great starter camper or could be your next hunting camper. It has 18 ft x 7 1/2 ft living space 22 ft over all. It has 57,382 miles, near new tires, cold A/C and runs well. Email if you would like to see pics buck_doe3@hotmail.com $1,850.00 OBO

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Catfish Tournament set for July 25 in Sioux City, Ia

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Spool your reels and sharpen your hooks because the 6th annual Sioux City Catfishing tournament is set for July 25th. This year will be a little different than past years. When I say different, I mean better. This year the First Class Credit Union who has been a major sponsor in past years decided they wanted to play a more prominent role in our event. This years tourney will be known as the First Class Cat Attack! The credit union is going all out in increasing payouts and prizes. Other sponsors are Scheels All Sports, Fisherman's bait and tackle, Ink Spot Printing, Triple "B" Skulls Taxidermy and Eagle Claw.

This year we have a $5000 gauranteed payout which will increase for over 30 teams. There is $1000 bounty the First Class Credit Union has offered to anyone that can beat the Carters in this years event. A Carter brother has won this event every year and the credit union is looking for someone to break that streak. Including the bounty there is a $2000 guarantee for 1st place. There will be cash placements for 2nd place through 6th place and more cash placements for over 30 teams. There will be prizes going back at least another 10 places after that including rod and reels, tackle boxes, digital fish scales, and more. There will also be a drawing for a trolling motor, depth finder, gift certificates, a free entry in next years tourney, and more. Trophies will be awarded to top 5 places and for big fish.

Kids can win a new bike if they can guess the weight of the big fish. The boy and girl that can come the closest to guessing the weight of the big fish of the tournament will each win a new 20 inch bike. They can enter a guess by logging onto the web site or stopping in at the First Class Credit Union. Must 12 or under and present at the weigh in to win. There will be lots of other kids prizes also.

At the weigh in there will be a cook out that is free and open to the public starting at 3:00pm. We are having grilled pork burgers, hot dogs, chips and pop. Weigh in is at the Sioux City Municipal Boat Ramp

There is currently have 27 teams entered. Teams from Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota, Missouri and Wyoming are signed up. Teams from Kansas are also expected. That will make a field of boats from 7 states.

Entry fee is $100 and an optional $10 big fish pot. For more information or to enter log onto www.firstclasscatattack.tk or call Pat at 712-281-1841. You can also enter by stopping into the First Class Credit Union at 930 3rd st. in Sioux City.

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June, July Catfishing Tips

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Hey right now is the time to really put a hurtin on some catfish!

This is a time when cats can be very very easy to put a hurt on. I have connected several times but i am not totally sure exactly what is at play here but i know it works. It is MY belief that the kittys are pry in the middle of spawning right now !

Pry in all three phases as I speak. But find rip rap and find kittys ! Dont seem to matter whether or not we are talking rock jettys, rocked shorlines, or sunkin rocks deep but cats ARE around them. Heavily toooooo !

Cats seem to use these lockers to get in side the caverns created by rock to do their thing.

Pry the most common approach is using a bobber and a float with a wiggling nightcrawler or leech similar to crappie fishing and dabble the rocks.

It is my beleif that these cats are in no mood to actually feed but to just protect their space . basically a reaction strike. Lots of cats also using a jig or crankbait for this reason. Also i beleive that this pry lasts a few weeks as the parents guard the nest at least until the hatch is well over and the fry disperse.

All i know is that this time of year people fishing for any thing that bites find themselves tangling with something much bigger than they expect and when they do actually catch some thing it is a huge "blue cat" lol

Well i hate to blast their bubble but the same lake that only produces channnel cats the other 11 months has not had a sudden invasion of blues!

What actually happens is that these fish are still channel cats which turn an awesome blue color when they are spawning. Man are they ever pretty this time of year And the males get a big old head and neck that makes em loook totallly different from the rest of the year

Let us know if any of you have ever found this pattern and your thoughts

Specially you ANDY

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Big Blue Cat are on their way to Sioux City

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Every year big blue catfish migrate up the Missouri River and turn back down stream when weather turns colder. Not all blues follow this pattern but many do. I believe that how many and how far they go upstream depends on temperature and water levels. I believe that the warmer the temperature is and the higher the water is the more comfortable big blues are traveling upstream.

I recall in 1995 a state record blue cat was caught on the Missouri River near Council Bluffs and just a week later the record was broke again upstream of Sioux City. There were many other blues caught that year also.That summer we had unusually high water and unusually high temperatures. Not very often do we have both high water and high temperatures but this year we have exactly that pattern unfolding. If you've been out fishing on the Missouri River near Sioux City you know what I'm talking about. Water levels are quite high and have been for some time with all the rain. The temperatures have been up there too, several days in the mid to upper 90's.

I don't think the blues are here just yet, but I would not be surprised to hear that someone caught one in the next few weeks. So spool up with some heavy line and make sure you have some good strong hooks because big blue cat are on the way.

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Wanna catch more catfish? Establish a pattern and you will!

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You always hear bass fishermen talk about "Patterns" but you never hear catfishermen talk about them. Those bass guys know what there talking about. Patterns are as important in consistantly catching catfish as they are in catching bass.

First find them. If water is high, you might want to try shallow. If water is low, you might want to try deep. Are they holding near structure? Are they holding by the drop offs? If so, on the top side of the drop off or bottom side. There are many other variables also to finding them. Weather, time of year, time of day, water temperature, dirty water, clean water, and many others.

Next, bait. Catfishermen have more of a challenge when comes to bait than those bass guys do. Bass fishermen can have a tackle box full of what ever lure they may need. Different colors, sizes, crank baits, spinerbaits, rubber worms, you name it. They have it right there ready to go at a moments notice. Catfishermen have to have a live bait or atleast a bait that was once alive. There is stink bait but that doesn't always work. I like to take with me atleast a couple different types of bait.

 Patterns can be hard to nail down. Patterns can change through out the day too. So if your out catfishing and your not having any luck, make an adjustment. Try a different type of area or try a different bait. Maybe it's the size of the bait. Maybe there finicky and want a small bait or maybe the bait isn't large enough. Establish a pattern and you'll put more catfish in the boat. I gaurantee it.

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