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12/17/2017 @ 11:42 AM

Does Lead Harvest For Fourth Year in a Row

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From the IDNR

BOONE - Iowa hunters reported 150,552 deer harvested during the 2006-07 hunting seasons, with the most deer taken from Clayton County - 7,389, and the least from Calhoun County - 159. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources has posted the results of the reported deer harvest by season, sex, and county at www.iowadnr.gov.

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Awesome video - 2 deer

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A friend set me this and I just had to share. Click Here To See Video!

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Got my 3rd one of the year

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With some of the posts recently about guys getting three big bucks this year, I thought I would talk about my triple.

Started off opening morning of the early muzzie season missing a big buck...blew an easy shot. That night I went back out to see what I could find. Had a doe in a picked corn field that I thought I would be easy pickings and fill my doe tag. Lined up the shot (about 50 yds) pulled the trigger and off she went. That's when I noticed the limb dangling in a tree about 10 yds away. Clean miss on the deer. That was the first of the triple!

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Car-Deer Accidents Decline

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Taken from an official press release of the Ia. State Conservation Commission dated 6/17/54.

The State Conservation Commission received fewer reports of car-deer accidents over the state during the first five months of 1954, a decline primarily attributed by the Commission to the recent deer season. From January to June officers reported a total of 56 deer-car accidents with estimated damages of $5,935. For the same period in 1953 the total was 99 with damages of $10,159. The total for 1953 was 273 deer killed with damage of $20,078. Last year set a record and was one reason a deer hunt was held in December in an effort to decrease accidents and forestall any human fatalities.

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1953 Iowa Deer Season

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Taken from an official news release of the Ia. State Conservation Commission dated 1/14/54.

During the 5-day deer season, 3,795 licenses were sold and a total kill of 3,057 was made. Of the licenses sold 3,074 of the report cards were returned.
At the beginning of the year the herd was estimated at about 18,000 deer. Nearly 2/3 or 65% reported kills.

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When It Comes To Searching For Monster Whitetails, Legendary Athlete BO JACKSON Chooses North Iowa As The Place To Be

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Bo Hunting
By Lowell Washburn
Iowa Department of Natural Resources

RICEVILLE---When fall hunting seasons roll around, sports legend Bo Jackson can literally go anywhere in the world. Although he loves to pursue waterfowl, turkey, and upland birds, Jackson's greatest outdoor passion is hunting for big game with bow and arrow. From elk to bear, 'gators to javelina, Bo and his bow have seen and done it all.

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What Deer Really See

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ever wondered what it looks like through the eyes of a deer..story on realtree.com HERE

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Speed-Score Your Buck

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ever wondered how big that buck was you saw in your stand and you didnt know..heres a story from realtree.com on how to speed score your buck.. HERE

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Backyard Deer Hunts?

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Well the reporting on urban hunts really hasn't gotten any better as far as I can tell from this article running in today's Des Moines Register. Of course, you have the usual Bambi reference and, what gets me, is how Iowa City is apparently paying $300 per deer, a total of $45,380 in 2005, to a company in Connecticut who supplies sharpshooters. Seems a bit high to me. FWIW, the firm they are referring to is more than likely White Buffalo, Inc. who is no stranger to controversy. I simply hope Des Moines will do the right thing, loosen the restrictions and let bow hunters manage the urban deer herds. After all, the DNR said they are unaware of any accidental shootings by bowhunters in 25 years.

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Buck of a lifetime!

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Thanks to WALLEYES_ONLY for directing my attention to this story....

There are truly some MONSTER whitetails taken every year by Iowa hunters. This deer will not dissapoint! While hunting in Winneshiek County, bow hunter Brian LaRue hit the mother lode! Check it out in the story "2+2=Monster Buck" from the Decorah Newspaper online.

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